How to Identify and Profitably Exploit Niche Markets

There are two basic approaches to advertising or lead generation… the shotgun approach… or the rifle approach.

There is only one cost efficient way… the rifle approach.

By carefully selecting specific niche markets, and presenting a compelling message directly to that audience, you will begin to reap the real profit rewards of direct marketing.

First let’s define a “niche” market. I define it as: “Any homogeneous market in which the members of the group have similar occupational or lifestyle characteristics… those characteristics being ones which would make them an excellent prospect to develop a successful business.


The Orca Killer Whale in Pacific Northwest Coast Art

One of the most awesome creatures in both real life and in Pacific Northwest coast art is the orca or killer whale. Feared many years ago but now loved by millions of people around the world, the killer whale is one of the most prominent subjects for Pacific Northwest coast artists. The killer whale is regarded as the guardian as well as the ruler of the sea because of its sheer size and power. The killer whale is also seen as the best hunter of the sea.

Killer whales are symbols of longevity and romance since they are believed to mate for life. It is said that if fishermen ever injure a killer whale, it will capsize the canoe sinking the fishermen to the Village of the Whales. It is here where the fishermen will be transformed into whales themselves. Whales near the shore are believed to be humans who were transformed trying to communicate with their previous human families ashore. Others believe that killer whales are reincarnations of deceased native chiefs. Some legends claim that the first killer whale was previously a supernatural white wolf that entered the sea and transformed into a whale. Mother Earth painted markings on the side of the killer whale as a reminder that it used to be a member of the wolf family. Indeed, both the killer whale and wolf share similar characteristics as they both have similar coloring. They both also stay and hunt in family packs. There are also legends that describe the killer whale being able to transform back and forth into a wolf.

Killer whales are thought to be the prey of the mythical thunderbird who is powerful enough to capture and carry a killer whale back to the mountains. The geography of
some parts of the Pacific Northwest coast region is thought to be the result of a legendary battle between the killer whale and thunderbird. The Haida have a legend about a raven finned killer whale who is a whale chief carrying a raven perched on top of his dorsal fin.


How Did the Comic Book Get Its Start?

The origins of the comic book are somewhat controversial and perhaps the jury is still
out. So lets go back to the cartoonish broadsheets of the Middle Ages, which were
parchment products, created by anonymous woodcutters. As mass circulation of these
broadsheets became possible, they soon developed a market, particularly at public
executions, popular events for centuries (ugh), which drew thousands of happy
spectators. Many of these spectators would invest in an artist’s rendering of a hanging or
burning, and thus making a very lucky day for the broadsheet seller.

The broadsheet evolved into higher-level content as humor was introduced. Eventually,
all types of broadsheets emerged, which were eventually bound in collections, the
prototype of the modern magazine. Magazines formatted like the popular Punch, an
elegant British creation, became the primary focus of documentary accounts of news and
events, fiction and humor. One can see in Punch, the sophisticated evolution of a comic
style, particularly in respect of the evolution of comics in Great Britain. Still and all, from
an historical standpoint, the comic strip stood in the alley, waiting to be born. And then
some say Great Britain’s Ally Sloper’s “Half Alley” was the first comic book. This was a
black and white tabloid that had panels of cartoons mixed with a sliver of news; circa

Now while all this was going on in Great Britain, this inching towards the comic book,
the United States had its own brand of evolution. Instead of magazines, US newspapers
took the lead in creating the comic book industry. Newspapers, with their first steps, took
their single image gags and evolved them into multi-paneled comic strips. It was during
this period that William Randolph Hearst scored a knockout with the Yellow Kid, which
was actually printed in yellow ink.


Making Money On YouTube – The Insider’s Guide

YouTube is blowing up!… Well, it already has blown up – everybody everywhere knows about it and it is the only serious contender in the war for the biggest video database in the world. We have all used it to watch “People Are Awesome” compilations and our favorite songs slowed down 800%, but how is anybody making money on YouTube? Is anybody actually making money on YouTube or is it just being sucked back into their corporate coffers?

How Ordinary People Are Making Money on YouTube By The Buckets!

The truth is that hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of people are making money on YouTube, it is not really any huge secret. Although there are a lot of ways to do it, a few of them are illegal and YouTube cracks a pretty fierce whip that nobody wants to be lashed with- so stay clear of the “illegal strategies”.


Social Marketing for Your Business

The concept of social marketing spans all businesses of all types and all sizes. Social marketing requires commitment and consistency. However, depending on the type of business you have and the size of that business, your social marketing strategy may differ from other businesses around you.

It definitely is not a one-size-fits-all situation

There are some basic principles about which you should be aware and beyond that, you will have to figure out how to customize the rest to suit your particular business and to determine what works best for you.